I had a spanner thown in the works the last few weeks. I was taken to hospital after a few weeks of gut pain suddenly became the most excrutiation and intense pain I’ve ever experienced. It was scary and carthartic as well.

Basically my appendix had turned feral by perforating and an getting an absess on it. I was in hospital for almost a week and then had a week of recovery at home. I’m still mending but I have my sense of humour back which is a sign I’ve turned a corner with this. My week of reflection was spent making artwork. I had to vent some of what i was feeling in a strange little character and his sidekick I illustrated and designed. This guy’s is Empty Man with his pet Pendix. I’m actually going to scuplt this into a 6 inch fugurine.

EmptyMan & PendixPet  by Trick Monkey, Andy Monks
Empty Man & Pendix Pet

Then I spent some of the week doing some speed sculpts for a new facebook group I’ve joined, called Spit Sculpt. Basically you have 45 mins and a them to make seomthing as fast as you can. I use my tool of choice Zbrush for these.

NightMare by Andy Monks / Trick Monkey
Theme – ‘Nightmare’


Igor Speed Sculpt by Andy Monks , Trick Monkey
Theme – ‘Igor”


'Xmas  Kissing Lure Fish' by Andy Monks & Trick Monkey
Theme – ‘Xmas Beast’

Finally I ve been doing come real life sculpoting and casting too. I can’t show yet because they are Xmas presents but stay tuned for after xmas and I will reveal some mystical new practivcal art for you to buy! Objects of magic and mysticism!