Hi All,

Been a bit quiet on the updates and I intend to rectify that! Had a load of work on and also been doing the self-taught Stephen Silver Character Design Course at Schoolism, check out Stephen’s Work on his blog. Schoolism has a stack of great courses, headed by Bobby Chui, a really inspiring artist and leader in the field. It’s an awesome course, I highly recommend it, really has been patching a lot of holes in my drawing and designing.

I thought I’d post up one of the assignments.

This was one where you drew this guy and then did 3 variations from memory as basis and pushed it in different directions (using strong shapes as the basis), I’m having a blast doing this stuff and the original photo has so much character.

Anyone who wants a caricature commissioned, give me a bell!

I’ll share some more of the assignments soon as well as some of the latest projects!