Do you hear the music in the night, mystery swirls you.

I want to put magic in your hands, bring things from other worlds; the supernatural, the mystical.

Drink the potion, enchant me, make magic,

Float to the Isle of Somnium, a creature of the shadows and mysterious nights,

Wander to the swamps of Trick Monkey, all fiends are welcome.

Are you looking for your own special designed and custom artwork?

Search no further weary traveler, I have the information you need….

What I will draw

  • MonstersPhoto 27-01-2016, 12 03 24 PM
  • Creatures of all varieties (probably not puppies or kittens unless they are mutating)
  • Gods, Goddesses and mythical Deities
  • Characters / Mascots
  • Pinup Girls
  • Robots
  • FanArt
  • Low Brow
  • Pop Surrealism
What I won’t draw
  • Manga / Anime Style (Search Deviant Art and you’ll find tonnes)
  • Graphic violent acts
  • Donald Trump (unless I get free reign)

Notes about commissions:

I have particular styles I work within, please note which ones you like before we begin, I will ask what suits.

Upon request, Each commission comes with limerick, poem or piece of prose to match.




These are listed in a price range because it is different piece to piece.

The more detail, the higher in the range it is as a general rule of thumb.

I will quote you before I begin. All prices* are in US dollars.

Minimum Size A4 (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches.)


  • Pencil Sketches $40-$80
  • Black Ink only :  $80-$120
  • Full Shaded Pencil $120 – $150



  • Digital Painting $450 – $1000
  • Original Painting (Oil or Acrylic) $500 – $2000


3D  / Hand – made Objects and Figurines.

  • Modeled and Render only (photograph / illustration) $300 – $1000
  • Figurines (Creatures, Deities, Characters and Robots) $450  – $1000
  • Magical / Voodoo Objects $300 – $1000
  • BYO Custom Painted Objects $450 – $1000


Commercial Project / Long Term Work

Please contact me for individual quotes so I can meet your specific needs.

The below terms and agreements will be negotiated to your project needs as well.


TrickMonkey is Reborn by Andy MonksTattoo QueenSlaughterball - Cthulu Peterson 2Voodoo Trinkets


Let’s get started, Click here to commission your own unique artwork.


 Please read here for more information and Terms / Conditions.