This is a long time coming but here is the footage we got of ‘The Great Shrimpini’ before it escaped. If you see it, please send me a message with the location. It likes aquatic environments.



‘The Great Shrimpini’  was an artist collaboration and installation with Andy Monks (me) and Sam McHardy for Seven With Another.

I created and illustrated the artwork for the box in Illustrator (thanks to Carmelo for getting the vinyl printing done) and modeled the creature in Zbrush, we then used 3D printing to make the creature and Andy hand painted it. Sam programmed the fortunes machine, the motion sensors and the movement function for Shrimpini to float around the tank.

This project opened my mind to a whole new range of artwork and art products that will be a mixture of one off hand sculpted pieces and utilising 3D printing to make impossible magical items. More on this soon, if you want to stay updated on the launch of these new ‘enchanted, mystical’ objects and creatures of power, be sure to sign up to our email list and you will be in the inner sanctum who will learn of this new voodoo magic from the mind of  the zombie witch doctor Trick Monkey!