After many months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and planning. Sam and myself launched our installation / 3d art piece ‘The Great Shrimpini’ last night for the opening night of SevThe Great Shrimpini - Art by Andy Monks / Trick Monkey and Sam McHardyen With Another: Sixth at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

It was so great to see people’s delight and amusement with it. It was a massive turnout.

The show is running til the 12th December if you can get down and see not only our piece but the 6 other collaborated pieces. I think you’ll be very amused!

I’ll post some of the process images next week after I’ve had some more sleep!!!

In the meantime this is the story of the Great Shimpini (You can follow him on Twitter too!)


‘Such a noisy beautiful planet’, thinks the alien who is the 6th son of the 6th son, from the 6th planet in the 6th system.The thought waves beaming from this little planet, like bullets firing across the universe, makes what his Race once called ‘The Gift’ feel more like a curse.His strength of will and mind make him the prime contender for the mission, but it didn’t quite prepare him for the sudden loss of power to the craft as he entered the blue and green planet’s orbit.Trying to contain the panic he guides the rapidly plummeting craft towards the blue parts of the planet, hoping the environment will sustain him much like his home planet’s.
The impact renders his ship unusable, and with a cracked hull starts to sink slowly. He only has a moment to realise the vastness of this ocean, without knowing what its depths contain, he can’t risk chasing his ship to the bottom.  He sets about salvaging what he can.  Emergency homing beacon activated and deployed, only to watch it sink at a faster rate than the ship, his hope of communication with home vanishes.  Escaping with only a translation module he triggers the ship’s self destruct and swims off into the blackness of the ocean.
 He soon meets up with local aquatic life, they are strangely familiar yet primitive, their minds are peaceful til a huge net descends to capture all of them, the little alien included.Dumped on the deck of the ship, the minds of these giants are fearful and surprised at his presence, one mind cuts through like a dark knife as it grabs him from the deck, dumping him in a murky tank.
Afraid and alone he seeks a network to communicate with home. Discovering Twitter, he reaches out hoping to connect with the warm minds in the sea of fear.
Now a slave, paraded from town to town as a ‘Carnival Attraction’, a freak with a gift. He can read your mind, sending cryptic messages that he hopes will reach his home.
No one knows his real name so they call him………..
‘The Great Shrimpini, the All-Knowing, All Seeing, Crustacean of The Cosmos!’
 The Great Shrimpini Close Up by Andy Monks / Trick Monkey ahnd Sam McHardy