I’m back from the wilderness and my visit to Trick Monkey on his mysterious island. Many things have been happening, here’s an update about some new works and cool things!

1.Zombie Art Calendar 2016.

Photo 27-01-2016, 12 02 46 PMI’m excited to have been invited to be part of the Zombie Art 2016 Calendar published by Flametree Publishing.  They publish great fine art books and this is the 2nd publication I’ve been a part of (you can see the first one I was a part of here…funnily enough a zombie book!).  I got to be the March pinup (lol) alongside other great international zombie artists. I know we’re a month into 2016 but is more than a calendar my dear friends. It’s a piece of art! Go here to get your hands on this cool zombie art. Photo 27-01-2016, 12 03 24 PM



Photo 27-01-2016, 12 03 50 PM


2. Ganesha 12 inch Sculpture

A friend of mine has recently become a qualified Yoga Instructor and he wanted a Ganesha sculpture as as centerpiece. Ganesha is a Hindu God, he is generally depicted with an elephant head and four arms holding various things, he represents a number of things from abundance, obstacles (placing and removing them to learn) and learning.  You can read about him here.

Ganesha Sculpture Thumbnails - Trick Monkey
Ganesha Sculpture Thumbnails

He has commissioned me to do a sculpture of Ganesha. Initially we thought I would do the whole thing in digital 3D (Zbrush) and then print it but when we broke down the printing cost, it started to get beyond the budget. After some thought, I considered that this would be great as a multi-media sculpture including found objects (bones, feathers, etc), a mixing of 3D printed and hand sculpted parts to create a truly unique one of a kind object. Also to imbue the sculpture with spirit and fetish it.

‘A fetish (derived from the French fétiche; which comes from the Portuguese feitiço; and this in turn from Latin facticius, “artificial” and facere, “to make”) is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a man-made object that has power over others. Essentially, fetishism is the emic attribution of inherent value or powers to an object.’ – Wikipedia

Final Ganesha Sculpture Concept Art - Trick Monkey
Final Ganesha Sculpture Concept Art


I will be documenting most of the process and will post some digital sculpting videos soon. We have settled on the concept and will develop it further during the digital sculpture face.


One of the reasons I love being able to go between traditional and digital tools when creating art is the flexibility, the ability to work collaboratively with people and to experiment freely.

Ganesh 3D - Sculpture Block out.
Ganesha 3D Digital Sculpture Block out.

3. Super Villains Artwork…

And to finish off this update….. Some marker and digital sketches of 2 of my favourites Super Villains, (Joker and Harley Quinn)  and just some randomness………..

Photo 13-11-2015, 11 02 12 AM Photo 17-11-2015, 11 01 11 AM Photo 25-11-2015, 9 21 09 AM Photo 26-01-2016, 10 59 15 AM


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