Trick Monkey / Andy Monks art and illustrations published in an international book

Last year some of my art and illustrations was selected by Flame Tree Publishing to be part of a book published in the United Kingdom about Zombies in pop culture. The book came out just before Christmas and I have 2 illustrations in it.

Check it out above, I was particularly happy that they put a George A Romero quote on one of them (insert nerdy fan boy giggle of glee). If you want to buy the book you can get it direct from the publisher or buy it from Amazon. I have also been asked a lot about zombie art, go here to buy hand signed prints of these or contact me if you want your very own custom zombie commission!

Blessing Skull Magic Art Object by Trick Monkey and Andy Monks2014 will see a massive release of magical art objects and figurines from the ingenious mind and discoveries of the Zombie Witch doctor Trick Monkey. These objects will be available for limited editions sales,  some custom one offs and available for special commissioned pieces for the more particular collector.

The first is a Voodoo Blessing Skull. Many ancient cultures believed that the skull carried power, spark and spirit. It was a symbol of well-being and protection.

The Blessing Skull comes in 2 pieces and was hand sculpted at the request of Zombie Witch Doctor Trick Monkey by me,  Andy Monks, his artisen.

It comes with a nest to lay the skull in, each direction has important areas you can channel luck, spark and good intention into by pointing the skull at that area.

They are Love, Wealth, Health and Purpose.
Blessing Skull Magic Art Object by Trick Monkey and Andy Monks
This unique object of magic, power and art has been known to magnetically attract the owners intentions and it’s also been know to just sit nicely on display.

These were cast in resin and then individually hand painted by me. We have 4 of these available currently for purchase from our store.  Don’t miss out on this unique objects that will bring you good luck and respect.

The final thing is a video from my RAW showcase of me talking about my work. Check it out!


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