Last year I did some work for a great new boardgame coming out by FrogTheWhat games called Slaughterball. I had the priviledge to work on two of the teams, modelling and sculpting the figurines in 3D using Zbrush,  in this Sci-Fi bloody sports board game. Below is sample of some of the characters.

Slaughterball Slasher, Model by Andy Monks / Trick Monkey

The Kickstarter campaign to get this game out there has just launched. The game was designed by Erik Kjerland who has been in gaming of all varieties for the last few decades, including games like Dungeons and Dragons. It was great to work with Erik, this game is going to be a BIG hit.. For all you game geeks out there you can support it, get a pre-order of the game and much more by going to The Slaughterball Kickstarter page. Please pledge your support.


This is a month of crowd-funding. In 2012 I was part of an ongoing exhibit called Seven With Another at the Brisbane Powerhouse. This was edition Six.

Seven With Another: Retrospective

This year there will a retrospective exhibit which we will be a part of. In conjunction with that organisers and curators have put together a Pozible campaign to create an amazing book. You can grab yourself a collectible book featuring artwork from all the exhibits and pledge support!